Mrs. Foote ~ Pre-Algebra & Algebra I

I have been teaching math in the middle school since 2004.  I believe math should be learned in a group setting allowing students to share and learn from not only the teacher but from each other.

Any questions, please email me rebecca.foote@casdonline.org

or call CAMS South (717) 261-3385.


  FINAL EXAM is schedule for Tuesday June 3rd.

Review packet will be distributed 5/27 and due 5/30.  Time will be given in class to completed.  Review packet will be graded.  This is the last grade before the final.



  KEYSTONE EXAM is scheduled for May 28th & 29th (Wednesday & Thursday).  If you are absent one of these days, makeups will be Thursday & Friday.

NO FINAL will be given in Algebra 1.  However, we will be continuing with more content that will be tested.





The textbook is free to use online.  We will be registering for school editions during class. 

***Students now have their usename and password to access the book.***

Username is 18 first five letters of last name first three letters of first name

Password is initial of first name and initial of last name lunch id #

Make sure it says "Common Core 2014."  Pre Algebra is under the "Regular Pathway" and is blue.  Algebra 1 is under the "Compacted Pathway" and is purple.  Your text will match the picture and color of your Record & Practice Journal.

My homepage will contain current assigments and dates for upcoming tests (found below).  In the Resources section, important handouts will be available for download.  The Useful Links section contains math related webpages that can be used as homework help and online games to practice math in a fun way.

Feel free to look around the site and familiarize yourself with all the resources available!




Check here for special events...  

  • Each homeroom is in need of tissues...donations will be greatly appreciated.  Just bring them to homeroom when you come to school!