Principal - Mrs. Lisa Schoenleber

 Head Teachers -  Mr. Bill Bowen & Mrs. Julie Brown

  Secretaries - Mrs. Cathy Bumbaugh & Mrs. Jane Swope


Upcoming Dates and Events

  • Trunk and Treat, Thursday, October 30th, 6p - 7p

Paperwork, paperwork! Please complete all the paperwork we send home the first day of school - especially the emergency card and the Giant A+ Rewards form (we get money if you designate our school).

Free and Reduced Price meal applications will only be available online. You can apply today on-line at  


Students were introduced to a program that encourages them to show Integrity, Respect, Ownership, Acceptance, and Responsibility.

Prizes can be earned while students display the traits that will enable them to achieve success in school and in life.


Take a look at our Title I tab. This page will house important Title I information relevant to our school.


(for up to date information about delays, cancellations, etc.)

261-5680  (English)

261-5684  (Spanish)