Principal - Mrs. Lisa Schoenleber

 Head Teachers -  Mrs. Carolyn Peck,   Mrs. Julie Brown

  Secretaries - Mrs. Linda Brunner,  Mrs. Cathy Bumbaugh


Today's Field Day was a HUGE success!  Thank you to Mrs. Hoffman for all your planning and preparation for all the activites and our faculty and staff for their help all day.  Thank you to our PTA for their continuous contributions to our school, especially Rita's Ice and the Bouncy Houses ~ they were incredible!  What an awesome schoolwide reward for the iRoar program!  A special thank you to all the volunteers who helped run all the stations today.  We all enjoyed the day!


Open House Dates for the 2014-2015 School Year

Autism Open House: Monday, August 11th, 1pm - 3pm

Grades 3-5: Wednesday, August 20th, 5:30 - 6:30

Kindergarten: Thursday, August 21st: 5:30 - 6:30

Grades 1-2: Thursday, August 21st: 6:45 - 7:45



It's Here!....IROAR!

Students were introduced to a program that encourages them to show Integrity, Respect, Ownership, Acceptance, and Responsibility.

Prizes can be earned while students display the traits that will enable them to achieve success in school and in life.


IROAR winners:  

Primary - week 1 - Brody Stouffer, Bethany Illo, McKenzie Wicks

week 2 - Mandaline Crawford, Jose Perez Hernandez, Joseline Flores

Week 3 - Donald Waters, Alex McCracken, Jacob Illo

Week 4 - Jayce Smith, Tony Hernandez, Shyleigh Galbreath

Week 5 - Rebekah Rhodes, Jace Jones, Jake Folmar

Week 6 - Lily Strayer, Brody Stouffer, Kayden Kauffman

Week 7 - Gracie Gormont, Noah Norton, Jaleigh Demeza

Week 8 - Samuel Shaffer, Jazmin Kennedy, Abby Kimple

Week 9 - Samantha Paetow, Landon Freet, Carleigh Long

Week 10 - Rebekah Rhodes, Jamae Williams, Lillie Reitz

week 11 - Lana Deneen, Aaron Barnett, Hannah Leininger

Week 12 - Deann Benedict, Emily Peragine, Saleh Irfan

Week 13 - Odin Cretin, Kendall Flory, Jane Hardy

Week 14 - Emily Ashton, Emma Fultz, Robert Ashwell

Week 15 - Alexis Rietz, Curtis Oneal-Taylor, Morgan Lehman

Week 16 - Audree Van Westenberg, Tristan Shaffer, Sadie Walter

Week 17 - Jason Chambers, Abigail Coshun, Madelyn Heck

Week 18 - Judge Rieck, Brixton Carmello, Kaleigh Campbell

Week 19 - Jenna Lane, Deno Taucher, Carter Cooley

Secondary -week 1 -  Chase Shaffer, Faith Gutshall, Jake Robinson

week 2 - Landon Benedict, Cass Woodall, Gavin Speece

Week 3 - Jasmin Gruver, Carly McClure, Troy Donnelly

week 4 - Haidyn Sprow, Aidan Higgins, Edward Knoll

Week 5 - Justin Leonard, Taylia Bloodsaw, Nate Shank

Week 6 - Tyler Smith, Graham Hrenko, Ethan Pretty

Week 7 - Damein Hess, Nicolee Jewell, Max Crawford

Week 8 - Kurt Benedict, Blake Sturtz, Malichi Spoonhour

Week 9 - Derrick Smalls, Sawyer Chambelin, Tionesha Brown

Week 10 - Benjamin Fahnestock, Alexis Reichelderfer, Aaden Newman

Week 11 - Madison Day, Cole Runyon, Aaliyah Shauf

Week 12 - Sadrina Stockslager, Rosario Alvarez, Emma Trate

Week 13 - Corinna Zeis, Andrew Lyter, Tia Ericson

Week 14 - Jalajah Palmer, Krista Eby, Kaitlyn Meneely

Week 15 - Tia Ericson, Natalie Duran, Miles Christopher

Week 16 - Christian Harding, Catherine Statum, Jassen Albert

Week 17 - Carson Elhajj, Alan Jacobson, Sydney Lindsey

Week 18 - Samuel Crawford, Abrianna Alleman, David Rosenberger

Week 19 - Brody Kauffman, Madison Flythe, Dantae Johnson

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