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CASD Music Staff

Dawn Abraham Assistant Symphony Director, CASHS Band Percussion Instructor and Music History, elementary strings

Nicole Albright Assistant Director CASHS Band, Elementary Band 

Jean Black Benjamin Chambers & Marion Elementary General Music 

Richard Bricker CAMS North Middle School Band Director

Traci Cormany CAMS North 6th and 7th Grade General Music, 6th grade Chorus

Erin Creech CAMS South 6th and 7th Grade General Music, 6th grade Chorus

Julia Emig Fayetteville and Grandview Elementary General Music

Daniel McGrogan CAMS South Middle School Band Director

Karen Powers-Davis Hamilton Heights and New Franklin Elementary General Music

Cindy Scanzello CASHS Symphony Director, CAMS and elementary strings 

Linda Shade Stevens, Guilford Hills, and Lurgan Elementary General Music

Rebecca Hoover CAMS 8th grade General Music, 7th/8th grade Chorus

Elizabeth Stahl CASHS Glee Club Director, Introduction to Piano, Keyboard Lab, Beginning Guitar, Bell Choir 

Suzanne Thierry Falling Spring, Buchanan, and Grandview Elementary General Music 

David Wenerd Department Supervisor and CASHS Electives and Band Director

Pamela West South Hamilton and Scotland Elementary General Music